TSD Is Part of Computerworld Top 100 for Another Year

computerworld-EN-1920x725We are glad to share the news that TSD has been again recognized in the prestigious ranking of ICT Media, taking its place among the 100 most successful ICT companies in the country for 2016. It is really important for us that our efforts have been rewarded for another year and today we can still proudly call ourselves one of the IT outsourcing leaders in Bulgaria.

TSD has been ranked on the 10th position among the best outsourcing companies according to factors such as company size, annual revenue and growth in several categories. We are also taking the 73rd place in the general ranking of the top 100 Bulgarian ICT companies.

Though we are very pleased with our achievements in this popular classification, our plan is to work even harder not just to remain part of the ranking, but also to improve our positions and further increase our annual growth in terms of size and revenue.

An Interview with Angel Stanev – TSD’s Most Experienced Employee

We would like to introduce to you the very first employee of our company, Angel Stanev, who started from ground zero and is currently an asserted professional, and also one of the most highly qualified team leaders in TSD.

  1. When did you start working at TSD?
    – I joined the team at the beginning of September 2007.
  2. On what position did you start?
    – I was conducting infrastructure monitoring for our exclusive client at that time.
  3. Why did you choose TSD?
    – I used to work in an entirely different field at that time, that wasn’t related with IT. German (our CEO) offered me the job and I decided to give it a try.
  4. What do you like most in your job?
    – I like the opportunity to develop better technical skills and grow in my profession, which brought me to the current position of a team leader of 5 multinational Application Support Engineers.angel
  5. Which are the biggest challenges in your job?
    – One of the most difficult things is to make the best possible decisions that will lead to solving an occurred problem in a timely manner and with lowest impact on the business. The other challenge for me is to properly assign and explain the current tasks to my team, as in some cases it would take me less time to complete them by myself, but as you might know, managing people is never easy.
  6. What are the fundamental skills that one needs to possess in order to do your job?
    – Good communication skills and taking responsibility for their own actions is crucial for anyone who wants to be good at their job. If you are a fast decision maker with decent analytical skills, then I would encourage you to try a job like mine.
  7. Have you ever thought of changing your occupation?
    – Just like every guy out there, I’ve looked into some other options such as going to live abroad. However, I prefer living in my home country and working in the town where I was born. Here I have the opportunity to manage my free time much better.
  8. What would you advise a guy who wishes to take your professional path?
    – They must develop bravery, persistence, positive attitude, good communication skills and the ability to cooperate with others.
  9. How do you spend your free time?
    – I love being with my wife and my seven-month-old daughter Angela, who is my tiny little princess. I also enjoy practicing Bulgarian folk dances and because of that I joined the local folk ensemble called “Trayana”. I had the chance to visit several different countries with them, where we popularized the Bulgarian tradition. I like doing sports too, when I have the time.
  10. Would you like to wish something to TSD for its 10th birthday?
    – I wish to the company to keep respecting and acknowledging its employees’ devotion, and to generate many more professionals in the future with 10+ years of service like me.

TSD Continues Its Educational Cause in Sofia

As a continuation of our company’s educational involvement, our Sofia office was recently visited by a group of students from 79th „Indira Gandhi” High School. This event’s purpose was to encompass a larger student audience around the country by helping more young people get into a real IT working environment and learn useful information about this specific industry with the assistance of asserted IT specialists.

20170615_113532 (1)Our team gladly hosted 15 students of two age groups – 4th and 8th grade who have major interests in software and hardware technology, showing them around our Sofia-based office and touching upon different areas, related with their IT education. Our colleagues were happy to teach the students a number of useful techniques regarding topics such as database, C# programming language, quality assurance, application development, etc. Besides that, we made the kids acquainted with each department and its function, which they found quite curious as well.

We are pleased to share that this visit marked the beginning of a new collaboration which, we believe, will reach even more young people who have the ambition to find development in the information technology sphere, but need a little help. We are proud to be able to provide the students with such essential professional assistance.

The teachers found the visit very productive for the students and decided to follow-up with an invitation for an on-site presentation in their school in front of a broader student and teacher audience. We are looking forward to the next step of this cooperation, which promises to be fruitful.

TSD Marked Its 10th Anniversary with a Big Team-building Event

TSD recently celebrated its 10-year milestone since the foundation of the company, organizing an exciting team-building weekend by the Black Sea coast. Our team gathered for this special occasion at the lovely resort St. Vlas in early June. We had the chance to open the season with a lot of fun and great time spent on the beach.DSCF5393_LR

The main event at the anniversary team building was a dinner reception for which the team had arranged an entertaining program. The evening started with a short presentation about the company evolution during its first decade. We had the opportunity to visualize TSD’s timeline, observe its progress through the years and feel the significant difference between now and then. From two people in a small shelter at the beginning to 50 people in 3 offices within the country today. From a small company with one exclusive client to a mid-sized company with several large international clients and own product line. It was an incredible experience for all of us to go through the lifecycle of our company, which brought to each member of the team a feeling of joy and pride to be part of the TSD family.

Once again, happy 10th anniversary, TSD team! We know this is just the beginning of a long corporate journey ahead.

TSD Team with Another Visit to a Local High School

TSD continues its commitment to collaborate with local schools in order to improve the practical side of education and also motivate and help young people find realization in the field of information technology.

kliment ohridski

Our latest effort in that direction was a visit to „St.Clement of Ohrid” high school where a few members of our team carried out a meeting with students from 8th grade who major in informatics with English language.


The purpose of our visit was not just educational but also practical,aiming to provide the youngsters with essential information related with the IT business. The young people had the opportunity to hear and learn about what an IT company actually is, about the qualities and qualifications needed to become a part of such team, and as well discover key points related with the current state of the educational system and the labor market in Bulgaria.


Our team members had a friendly discussion with the students on a few topics that concern their near-future education and professional realization afterwards. We emphasized on today’s urgent need for everyone to study English and at least one more foreign language in addition in order to be eligible on the competitive labor market. We really wanted to help the youngsters realize that grades and diplomas are far from enough in case they dream of developing a good career and being successful. Still, we aimed to explain in simple words that education is also really important for achieving that goal, and especially its practical form. We encouraged the students to follow their own talent and interests, trying to do whatever makes them the happiest in life.


TSD once again showed support to those young people who have the ambition to be part of the challenging IT world, letting them know we would always be there to guide them if necessary. We are happy to note that the students appeared intrigued by the received information and the presented perspective.