We Took on the Challenge Again

TSD Services was a sponsor in the third edition of the conference QA Challenge Accepted.qa challenge Our QA team came back from the event filled with excitement, motivation and interest in the field of quality assurance and testing. This year the conference hosted many lecturers who shared their knowledge and expertise in various aspects of the QA testing in Bulgaria. The event was both educational and entertaining for the participants and brought them a very positive and beneficial experience.

Special Visit at TSD by the Mayor of Municipality Troyan

TSD Services’ team was happy to meet the mayor Mrs. Donka Mihaylova at our office premises in Troyan.

We managed to draw the mayor’s attention after winning our first award – Top ICT Employer of 2016. She especially congratulated us with an “Achievement Congratulation” certificate signed by herself.

The mayor expressed her satisfaction with the presence of a company like ours in the large town of Troyan. She hopes that more firms in this industry will appear on the horizon in the near future, which will help the Municipality retain the young and high-qualified people in Troyan. Our CEO  German Gachevski mentioned that there already is such a company in town, which works in the IT field, but is still young and small-sized.

So there is hope for the future of our young IT specialists, who decide to remain and realize their careers in Troyan.

At the end of the meeting the mayor clearly stated her willingness to help and support TSD in any possible way. Our team will continue contributing to our society and will be more than happy to work with the municipality in achieving even greater results in the future.

Gerro and the mayor

A New Collaboration is Starting

TSD is glad to announce the start of a new collaboration with Vasil Levski High School in Troyan.

The school initiated the beginning of a new class in information technologies which is meant to correspond with the latest needs and requirements of the IT field in Bulgaria and specifically in Troyan. TSD’s team embraces the idea and will help the initiative with no reservations.

Our team will take part in the new collaboration by helping with the creation of a suitable study program, which will include knowledge of the latest software products used in contemporary IT sector. TSD will also conduct teacher trainings and most importantly will provide an internship program, where the future potential IT specialists will get in touch with the actual working process and IT environment.

The main target of the collaboration is to give the young high-qualified people in Troyan the opportunity to realize their careers on a domestic level.

We all hope that this initiative will limit, to a certain degree, the migration of our most talented young people.


TSD Opens a New Office in Plovdiv

image-0-02-05-53fc13a1f894cdc5125a34a3c2b71a4ba1fe5080b924339245ecdf83c51a3b48-VTSD is glad to announce the opening of our new office based in Plovdiv. This is our third office location within Bulgaria, following Troyan and Sofia.

The opening of our new office has come as a natural response to the needs of both our growing team and also of the expansion of our client base on the international market.

The newest office of TSD is located near the center of one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Plovdiv, which is also the Bulgarian Capital of Culture and one of the oldest cities in Europe. We have chosen a modern and at the same time comfortable place which perfectly suits the company’s identity. Our vision for the new office is to bring even more inspiration and motivation to our employees, which will further enable them to achieve their goals.

The establishment of our Plovdiv office marks a new stage of TSD’s business development and proves our firm intention and plan to continue growing and discovering new horizons ahead of us.


You can find us in:
Karshiyaka, Pobeda St, Gerbera office building, Fl. 6
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

New Release of MaxBilling App for Relativity®


TSD team is very pleased to announce that the latest version of our Relativity®-based application MaxBilling has been officially released.

Based on feedback and needs of our clients, we have polished the product and implemented а multitude of new features and valuable improvements. Now MaxBilling offers numerous benefits by perfectly automating and streamlining your billing experience within the platform.


MaxBilling 2.0 enhancements include:

  • Compatibility with Relativity 9.3, 9.4, RelativityOne


  • Automatic report & invoice generation


  • Automatic email with PDFs


  • Standard and custom billing periods


  • Various pricing metrics and custom rates out of the box: Case Rollup, Users, Reviewers, Analytics, Processing, Indexes, Custom Tasks


  • Ability to charge clients for single, multiple, or all workspaces at once


  • Billing profile inconsistency notifications


  • Dashboards


  • Easy extensibility with personalized billing metrics for custom solutions


Find out more about all features and benefits of MaxBilling 2.0:

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