Major US Company in The Financial Industry

Subject: TSD enhances and maintains custom applications and systems for a major US Financial institution that does loan origination and loan servicing
Summary: There is a requirement by a large, respected US financial company for outsourcing and staff augmentation. The request is to be able to extend up to 10 existing teams in the area of development, testing, and application support. Work is carried out remotely and mostly during non-overlapping hours.
Solution: TSD provides full immersion of application developers (both Web and Desktop), QA Analysts, and Application Support Engineers with long-term engagement. Speedy ramp-up of new resources into the process of loan origination is ensured. Dedicated TSD team members participate in back-end (C#, Windows services, WCF Services, .NET Remoting) and front-end changes (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF), as well as architecture and design ideas.
Benefits: Client receives long-term staff augmentation and round-the-clock utilization and is able to cut development cost due to the offshore nature of collaboration. Client is able to cover the whole range of development & testing expertise spectrum from Senior to Junior, allowing for SDLC teams of proper hierarchy.
The core Application Support Team carries out nightly updates and deployments both in Production and all development environments, as well as infrastructure monitoring and support.
Technologies: WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JS, knockoutjs, angularjs, WCF services, .NET Remoting, ADO, LINQ, Entities Framework, SQL Server, Proprietary framework
Services: Software Development, Software Quality Assurance, Application Support
Team Size: 30
Duration: 8+ years, ongoing


E-Discovery Industry Companies

Subject: TSD develops various custom development projects and extensions for Relativity®
Summary: Requests for development of custom extension applications on Relativity® platform. Includes UI-oriented applications, as well as strictly back-end-oriented services for statistics and analytics purposes.
Solution: TSD created an independent standalone RelaTeam to provision custom development needs of US- and Europe-based Relativity® clients. We have built up expertise with custom pages (both integrated and stand-alone), worker agents, APIs, DB calls, RDOs.
Under Agile, using SCRUM-based methodology, TSD provides the full lifecycle of the project from the initial design to the testing and final implementation. The custom applications built vary from simple note-taking application to complex indexing and analytics services that harness the power of Elasticsearch and machine learning algorithms via internal mechanisms of queuing and batch processing.
Benefits: Clients receive quality custom development provisioning on a very dynamic and quickly-growing platform that is already becoming a benchmark in the e-discovery world – Relativity®.
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, knockoutJS, Bootstrap, Relativity® platform, Queuing and Batching, SQL Server
Services: Software Development, Software Quality Assurance
Team Size: 8
Duration: 2+ years, ongoing


Internal Project

Subject: TSD creates a Business Process Management System targeting SMEs with ISOs
Summary: TSD internal project for an BPM platform that allows for a consistent and substantial control over the documentation and practices required under international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The product, which eventually will turn into a development platform, includes modules such as employee planning, vendor management, asset management, helpdesk, calendaring, versioning of documents, risk management, and others.
TSD needs to come up with innovative ways to bring together the most important features that usually require separate and expensive systems. Being able to consolidate those in one tool gives focused SMEs a considerable advantage of not having to buy and maintain multiple expensive sub-solutions.
Solution: TSD develops a unique solution for each project and each module requirement based on internal needs (TSD being an ISO 27001-certified vendor) and projecture on future user needs and expected comfort of use.
Benefits: The platform is to allow for small and medium enterprises to choose one affordable, light-weight, safe and brisk place to manage a lot of the dull and gritty processes, documentations, inventory, and other essentials that make up for a successful and consistent enterprise. Long-gone will be the need to rely on your system administration group to have to remember to update files or databases after specific changes – Hydrogen will ensure that.
Expected date of Delivery #1: Q1 2014
Technologies:C#, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, AngularJS, SQL Server, Custom ORM framework
Services: Custom Software Development
Team Size: 5
Duration: 1 year, ongoing

IT Maintenance Company

Subject: TSD developed automated database archiving system
Summary: Some clients of the company work with various database engines and they needed a single interface via which to archive SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database instances. The archive needed to be performed automatically at a specific schedule and the backup files to be encrypted.
Solution: TSD came up with the design and developed the Desktop application. For scalability and better usability purposes, the main block of the program was moved to a separate layer, which is where the background service is running. TSD provided intuitive design.
Benefits: The expected benefits for users was that small enterprises did not have to buy expensive proprietary tools to do scheduled backupsThe admin interface can be anywhere on the network, and the services layer is the only place that needs adjustments to network rulesArchiving is available for just about any DB instance of SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL out there (even for shared hosting services)
Technologies: C#, WinForms, WCF
Services: Custom Software Development
Team Size: 3
Duration: 1 year


Renown  US Company in Financial Industry

Subject: TSD provides versatile Software Development services for a leading US-based lending company
Summary: There is an inquiry by an esteemed US financial company for outsourcing and staff augmentation. Work is performed remotely and mostly during non-overlapping hours.
Solution: TSD provides full-stack application developers (both Web and Desktop), assigned to various projects with long-term engagement.
Benefits: Client receives long-term staff augmentation and round-the-clock utilization and is able to cut development cost due to the offshore nature of collaboration.
Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, JS, knockoutjs, requirejs, WCF services, XAML, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL Server.
Services: Software Development
Team Size: 3
Duration: 1/2 year, ongoing


Las Vegas-based Casino Company in Gambling Industry

Subject: Small team to enhance and extend current functionality of slot machines and their corresponding inner- and outer-floor communication.
Summary: Request for small independent team of developers to extend existing functionality of slot machines and the way they communicate with a floor server. Work is carried out via remote immersion into Dev and Test environment of client via VPN. Requirements criteria are set by client.
Solution: TSD provides capable .NET developers with strong back-end experience and knowledge. These dedicated developers utilize the power of .NET in inter-layer communication (WCF) to carry messages from slot machines to and from server and other stats services.
Benefits: Client receives quality software development services and  in an efficient  and cost effective manner.
Technologies: .NET C#, WCF Services, ADO.NET + proprietary ORM framework, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Visual Studio Unit Tests
Services: Software Development
Team Size: 1-3
Duration: 2 month, ongoing


Belgium-based company – Global Leafer in Seamless Payments

Subject: TSD is part of the team that enhances and maintains the application systems of a world leader in seamless payments.
Summary: Request for expert personnel that will join a newly created team onsite in company’s office in Belgium. The main goal of this team is to maintain the existing ASP based platform and to participate in the complete migration of the solution to .Net by using the latest technologies and security, to handle customer support requests.
Solution: TSD provides capable ASP 3.0 and .NET developers with strong analytical skills and strong front-end and back-end experience and knowledge.
Benefits: Client receives quality analytical, consulting and software development services.
Technologies: ASP 3.0, ASP.Net MVC 5,.NET C#, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server, Visual Studio Unit Tests
Services: Software Development, Maintenance
Team Size: 1-3
Project Expected Duration: 3–10 years