Software outsourcing is a booming industry throughout the world and Bulgaria is a reputable and highly attractive destination for companies looking for offshore development.

ICT industry in Bulgaria has the potential to yield high returns on investment.

Bulgaria Rankings & Market:

  • The only European country among top 10 destination for outsourcing in the world, according to A.T. Kearney’s 2014 report (Recognized as “EUROPE’S SILICON VALLEY “)
  • Twelveth out of top 50 countries for outsourcing activities based on the 2016 Global Services Location Index of international consultancy A.T. Kearney
  • Internet speeds and connection reliability are consistently ranked among the fastest in the world by several independent studies
  • Third in the world by number of certified IT professionals and first in Europe by IT-certified specialists per capita
  • Fifth in all-time country rankings in competitive informatics
  • Successful presence of leading multinationals
  • Lowest corporate tax in EU – a flat 10% rate
  • Traditions in ITO, BPO and KPO sectors
  • Cost-effective labor force
  • Macroeconomic stability

Our Bulgarian teams is constantly rivaling much larger countries, and often manage to surpass them, especially when it comes to the quality of service. It’s no secret that over 50% of all outsourcing projects don’t meet expected benefits.

We at TSD know how to construct the optimal outsourcing arrangements, achieve team productivity and stability, meet deadlines and quality requirements, select and motivate the right people, set up transparent communication and deliver tangible business value.

TSD believes that the key to success is the strength and commitment of its associates. That’s why we push professionalism and stability by promoting, encouraging, and providing necessary trainings and certifications. We take each project very seriously and professionally under a well-established system of delivery.

TSD provides various IT and non-IT services for clients of large enterprises, small businesses, as well as entrepreneur individuals. No project undertaken by us is too minor and we dedicate the necessary attention and commitment to deliver as promised.

We provide various technologies:  WinForms (.NET), WebForms (ASP.NET), WebForms User Controls (even compiled in separate and independent DLLs!), WebForms Custom Server Controls, ASP.NET MVC,  WPF, WCFJava, JS, knockoutjs, angularjs, CSS, .NET Remoting, ADO, LINQ, Bootstrap, Queuing and Batching, Entities Framework, SQL Server, Proprietary framework.

For more detailed information on what we can offer for you and your organization, please look over our Portfolio of Services section.